View Full Version : DSR6000 25xtreme died

12-13-2001, 11:32 PM
Had everything working great for 24 hours -- locals, fixup 25x -- turned tv on next day and screen stuck on "just a few more minutes"

I can still talk to it with BASH but it never completes the boot. Tried building a new disk and it sticks on "this will take a long time"

Any thoughts? Doorstop, Anchor?

12-14-2001, 12:27 AM
edit /etc/inittab and redirect the output from the rc.sysinit line to go to /dev/ttyS3 then see where you're dying..

12-14-2001, 09:13 PM
I'll try this weekend and post result, Thanks!

12-16-2001, 02:40 PM
Starting rc.sysinit
Releasing /initrd and clearing ramdisk, if they exist
Activating swap partitions
Loading i2c driver
Box setup for NTSC mode
Loading FPGA driver
Checking for Kickstart panic signal
No panic situation detected
Cleanup /dev/hda9 pass 1
/dev/hda9 was not cleanly unmounted, check forced.
Fix summary information? yes

/dev/hda9: 96/32768 files (6.3% non-contiguous), 5837/131072 blocks
Cleanup /dev/hda9 pass 2
/dev/hda9: clean, 96/32768 files, 5837/131072 blocks
/dev/hda9 is clean after pass 2
Mounting /var
/dev/hda9 on /var type ext2 (rw)
Cleaning up /var/mtab...
Using default TIVO_SVR_ADDR
Mounting initial environment...
Cleaning up temporary files in /var/tmp
Cleaning up old slices and bundles in /var/packages...
Checking space in /var
Attempting to fix modem using: /tvlib/modem/patches/P2109-V90/ram/expect_script
spawn /tvbin/modempatch /tvlib/modem/patches/P2109-V90/ram/Patch9-2-RAM.s37
Download initiated ..
Getting ready to send files
Sending of patch succeeded
9F01: 09 02 A9 6B 8D E7 9D E2
Scanning for phase1 repair scripts
Initializing TiVo extension...
Set up environment vars for hardware configuration...
Remote control is TIVO
MFS partition on /dev/hda10
Loading media drivers...
Running without ideturbo mode ...
Auto-detecting oslink module (asic 4).
Installing both oslink (tuners 299:299)
Loading fan ...
Loading therm ...
Loading pxmpegdecode ...
Splash the screen...
Writing 346120 bytes to OSD at address 0
Update IR microcode using /sbin/irbmicro.hex
Atmel part found, 2kB of program memory, AT90S2313
MicroVeriry: bad=0, GetFpaRegCnt=0, AndFpgaCnt=0, OrFpgaCnt=0
Device already programmed with this microcode
Starting update ...
Look for debug board ...
IP struct was not filled in!
sa is: 0x20000 0xc0a801a6 0x7ffffca4 0x7ffffcc0
sa.sin_addr = 0x7ffffc08 a sockaddr is 16 bytes
Setting TCP keepalive parameters...
Starting logging daemons...
Check for PROM update ...
Loading mixaud ...
Updating system clock UID=0
Time set to: Sun Dec 16 18:37:13 2001
Have a nice day.
Checking for additional disk...
Starting EventSwitcher...
Start fan control...
Scanning for phase2 repair scripts
Checking for database conversions...
Checking new software installation
SwSystem 2
.5-01-1-001 is already active, nothing to do.
Scanning for phase3 repair scripts
tarting Services.

12-17-2001, 12:41 AM
wipe /var/tmp?? where all the tivoapp garbage is..