View Full Version : Cant get my moms s3 to upgrade to 11.x

12-27-2008, 01:13 PM
Here is what i think is going on..
I originally but one of my hacked images of 9.4 on a 750g disk. i put the stock kernel back on and the stock tivoapp and it worked fine..

however it has not upgraded.. so i brought my sata to ide connector and mfs live disk with on vacation and put the disk i the pc and found i had left upgradesoftware=false on .. so redid the bootpage and though great put the disk in and it does start the upgrade.. says installing service upgrade but doesnt finish.. still running 9.4

so then pulled the hard drive out again and the kernel log says cannot find installSw.itcl.. Nlow i know i didnt remove that file.. so i get one off my box at home put it back on chmod the parms and try again.. same thing..

pull the disk again and find the file gone again..

at this point i belive there is some sha signature or something on the installSw.itcl and my version probably was modified at one time to not reboot..

i thought my version here is the original that has

# Say goodbye
putlog "Attempting reboot..."
} else {

but not sure maybe a space is different or something.. if anyone has any ideas i would appreciate it thanks..

12-27-2008, 01:40 PM
Ignore my rantings i got it working.. the file i had as installSw.sav was not a save of the original file.. so there is definately a signature check for anything in tvbin and it was removing it.. i found the original on another box and put it on and it is now upgrading.. the other one must have had some spacing differences