View Full Version : Install Old HD to HDVR2 to Watch Old Recordings?

03-28-2009, 01:53 PM
Can one swap back in old drives (pre-upgrades HD) that have old TV shows on them, just so you can playback the shows on that drive?

DISCLAIMER: I have no interest in ripping off Direct TV, only to play my old shows, an understanding how this works.

I have two active HDVR2, and a "spare" I purchased it used at a flea market, (it does work).

I would like to put one of my old, orginal HD back into a HDVR2 so to play some old shows I never got off before the upgrade.

Since the HDVR2 is NOT an RID based reciever, I suspect that as long as one also transfers the smart card CAC, the the HDVR2/drive wil be happy. True?

What about if one installs an old HD and NO CAC smart card, then can one play old programs (but no sat service)?

What about putting the "wrong" HD in a HDVR2. I am led to believe the HDVR2 has chip with an "electronic serial number" so one can swap HD? How about putting one of my HD from HDVR2 #1 and put in HDVR#2 (my spare, with no active account) and no CAC smart card. I expect no sat service, but can I play old TV shows?

Any other suggestions?


03-28-2009, 02:32 PM
Unless the Tivos had been previously hacked, you can only play back the recordings on the same unit that was used to record them, because the recordings are encrypted to only work on that unit. The cards have nothing to do with it, and RID vs. non-RID really doesn't matter. You don't necessarily even need a card to play back recordings.