View Full Version : Added new HR20-700, now lost signal on some channels

06-20-2009, 01:16 AM
Hello. I recently got another HD-DVR model HR20-700. I already had two others installed - both HR20-100s with no issues for a long time ( I ran the lines direct from the dish to the receivers). Now that I want to hook up the third receiver, I am having an issue with a few channels not coming in. I have to add a switch to use 3 DVRs. The two for me are ESPNHD 206 and NICKHD 299. The funny thing is that one of my old receivers gets these channels fine. The new one also gets them fine. The problem lies in one of my older HR20-100. Now I tried everything to eliminate the issue, but can't fix the problem. First of all, I believe those are the only two channels that don't come in - I get "searching for signal on input 2- 771"

I switched coax lines, changed B-Band converters, shortened up on connections (thought they may be too long) but still same problem.

Here is something weird that happens though, ESPN sometimes comes in for a minute or two but then pixilates which makes me believe it is a weak signal - but I don't have any issues like this on the other two receivers. I have been working on this for a week now and it's driving me nuts. Is it simple enough as a weak signal and that I should very slightly move my tilt on my dish? As I said before, all HD channels come in already even premium movie channels.

I am using a zinwell switch 4x8 designed for all systems including HD.

Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks in advance!