View Full Version : Restored using supafly's virgin image, but stuck screen "Just a few minutes more"

07-06-2009, 12:28 AM
I had what I think was a HD issue on my series 3 before the restore. The original problem was a stuck "Powering up" screen that cycled. I took the opportunity to purchase a WD green 1TB drive and restored supafly's virgin image "Tivo.Series.3.TCD648250B.Virgin.Image-Supafly" on it using the msftools.

I hooked it up and get past the powering up screen, but it now seems to be stuck on the "Just a few minutes more" screen. I let it sit on this screen for about 15 minutes before shutting the tivo down. I then restored the same image onto the old drive and get the same result.

Any ideas?