View Full Version : Call For Coders, XBMC for XBOX's coders are weary

08-05-2009, 05:08 PM
You guys have probably seen the awesomeness that the XBMC for XBOX provides. And I'm sure you guys enjoy it as a toy/serious funbox or you wouldn't of created this subforum.

Well I created this post because of a response to the talk I've had with a Team-XBMC member who has said "Generally speaking xbox1 is a dead platform and the few who work on it now are growing weary of working on it" Its been mentioned that Native Tagging will probably be the last big feature to be implemented.

I interpret that to mean that the old-blood will be leaving soon and unless they are re-energized or new-blood comes in this branch of the project is dead.

So I have created this forum topic for people that are interested in coming on board to help with coding and on how to do so:

If nothing else check out this page that a developer has recommend for people interested in helping out:
" http://xbmc.org/trac/report/14 this should be good for any developer wanting to get involved"

I thank you for your time and assistance. If you believe that XMBC for XBOX has been good to you and want to syndicate/edit this post for a mainstream website or your personal website, please do so.