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03-29-2010, 12:54 PM
Hi All - I have a Philips DSR7000, S2, DirecTV Tivo that has been unsubscribed, it has a 750GB drive in it loaded with movies. It has been taken out of my entertainment center to make room for a new component and I'm wondering what my options are for watching the movies that are on it. Here's my restrictions:

1. It's running 6.4a, shows are all unencrypted, it is networked and running mfs_ftp
2. It's now in the basement and connected only to my network. I have no desire to run long cables back to the TV and get an RF remote
3. Other components I do have connected to the TV include:
LG BD390 Blu-ray player that can play files (avi, mpeg, mkv...) from a network drive



I've considered extracting all the shows and leaving them as mpg files on a network drive so I can view them on the BD390, however, this would probably take 15 days of straight downloading.

Is there any type of "server" I can load onto 6.4a that'll make the shows visible to and playable on the HR23 or the BD390?

03-30-2010, 09:38 AM
The HR23 wants a DLNA server and the BD390 wants a network share, neither of which I think are available for the DTiVo. You can set up a service to copy the shows to a PC in the background and recode them as MPEG files - that would seem the best approach to me.

03-30-2010, 10:54 AM
queue them up in something like SmartFTP, then convert with tytompeg?

04-07-2010, 11:53 AM
Let's see ....

1. 750GB
2. loaded
3. movies

The clear win here is "Direct Extraction" (It's a sticky, above.)

You'd want to run
NowShowing.tcl > Moby.sh
on the DTivo. Then mung Moby.sh into a linux bash script, which will just be a bunch of:
mfs_uberexport FSID_1 | tytompg > MovieTitle_1.mpg

Your 15 days estimate shrinks down to 3-5 hours.

1. Knoppix Live cd/dvd (assuming you don't have a Linux install)
2. 750+ GB free for the .mpg s
3. free IDE connector for the DTivo drive (remember to do the
export "MFS_DEVLIST=/dev/hdX"
before firing off the script under linux/Knoppix)

Do you remember where your Torx driver is ? :-)


04-22-2010, 07:58 AM
wow, your 1st post and it's pretty good advice :D
I think I'll give it a try

04-24-2010, 03:50 AM
An improvement/refinement: Rather than edit the output of NowShowing.tcl , it might be better to edit NowShowing.tcl itself to have it produce your script directly. Maybe the output would be a series of:
xx FSID_n "Movie Title n"
(xx will be a simple bash script to arrange its two arguments as needed [see below])

And a correction: It seems that tytompg is not quite Unix Kosher (no ken/dmr seal of approval :-)); it is not stdin/stdout compliant and can *not*, unfortunately, be used in a pipe-line. This will necessitate actually creating the .ty file, and will (possibly double or more) increase the total time to completion.

To possibly minimize this "overhead": If the PC you'll run Knoppix on has 4+ GB of memory, you can use the (default) /ramdisk as the intermediate
"catch basin". Eg,
mfsuberexport $1 > /ramdisk/foo.ty
tytompg -i /ramdisk/foo.ty -o "$2.mpg"

As an initial check, you want to boot up the Knoppix as a test to see how large your /ramdisk filesystem is (use the "df" command). In your modified NS.tcl, for any FSID whose size is greater (or even close) to the /ramdisk size, output xx2 instead of xx. xx2 will be defined to use a "real" file.

If the PC has 2GB or less, forget /ramdisk. *But*, try to have a 3rd drive with at least 5-6GB free to be used as your catch-basin. Otherwise, tytompg will be reading and writing the same drive and "head contention" will significantly extend the
overall time to completion.

Follow-up with any questions and I, or someone else, can try to help. 300-500 good movies is a terrible thing to waste. Right?

Oh, one more thing. after you produce your long script, you need to edit it to remove any "special" characters (that Linux or their eventual host OS will find objectionable) from the "Movie Title" args.

And, something I noticed about tytompg's .mpg output file, and this is not a criticism, just an observation. In case your network media player has trick-play features, they may not quite work as intended, but *you* will adapt. I tested the .mpg test file I used with an old PowerDVD (which I use for testing TyTool outputs) and the 5-second forward- and backward-skip seem to do 15-25 second increments with these .mpg's . (tytompg does better than TyTool itself [prior to the dvdauthor run])

Good luck,