View Full Version : HiDef Video Encoding, Storage, and Streaming

07-12-2010, 02:19 PM
I recently bought a hidef camcorder, and I'm flummoxed trying to determine what to do with the video. With my MiniDV low-def camcorder, I just encoded everything to 720x480 mp2 and threw it on my server for viewing anywhere in the house using Tivoserver. I'd still like to do the same with the HiDef camcorder, but I'd like to encode them as 1080x720 mp4 or h.264 videos for future processing, blu-ray burning, or use with some hi-def video streaming system that I don't yet have. The idea is get a good balance of file size and video quality, with the flexibility to be transcoded to a low def tivo using Tivoserver or streamed to a high def player down the road. Any thoughts on encoding formats, storage, or streaming? What do you do?