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08-12-2010, 02:50 AM
I want to use an SSD. I had a brilliant idea that has been foiled by the partition layout of the tivo. The purpose is to increase the responsiveness of the OS and database. I have so many channels, season passes and recordings that the unit is a DOG at times.

I was going to use a sata-sata raid controller (commonly used in external enclosures) which had a mode to let you concatenate(stack) two drives. I would have used a 32 or 64gb SSD and then stacked a 1TB standard drive with it. The first (or last) 32/64gb of data written to the drive would go to the SSD the rest would be on the standard drive.
The problem is that I don't know how to get the MFS app partitions to live together! The only possibilities I am aware of for the physical locations of the partitions are either in numerical order (a "bug" in the tools) or with the media partitions on either end which places the OS and App partitions in the middle (optimized layout)
Here is the factory THD layout -
1 Apple_partition_map Apple 63@1 ( 31.5K)
2 Image Bootstrap 1 1@171920054 ( 512.0 )
3 Image Kernel 1 8192@171920055 ( 4.0M)
4 Ext2 Root 1 524288@171928247 ( 256.0M)
5 Image Bootstrap 2 1@172452535 ( 512.0 )
6 Image Kernel 2 8192@172452536 ( 4.0M)
7 Ext2 Root 2 524288@172460728 ( 256.0M)
8 Swap Linux swap 262144@172985016 ( 128.0M)
9 Ext2 /var 524288@173247160 ( 256.0M)
10 MFS MFS application region 589824@173771448 ( 288.0M)
11 MFS MFS media region 137630712@174951096 ( 65.6G)
12 MFS MFS application region 2 589824@174361272 ( 288.0M)
13 MFS MFS media region 2 171919990@64 ( 82.0G)
They are in the order 13, 1-10,12,11
Are there instructions on how the app and media partitions are defined? Could I edit this manually to create the layout I desire?

The crappiest part about this is that I spent a LOT of time finding the right array controller to work internally with the TiVo and the right SSD that would retain performance over time (they are all not equal) and it was all for nothing? I am half considering trying to aquire the source code for mfsrestore and hardwire locations into the partition creation scheme (my primary OS is windows and my coding expertise hit its peak with qbasic, kixtart and dos batch files haha)

Edit: I just read this thread regarding the S4 and it has given me hope http://www.mfslive.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1500 specifically the part about combining partitions and the like

08-12-2010, 04:17 PM
The order of the partitions on disc doesn't have to match the numbering. Create them however you want, making sure the size is correct, then dd the individual partitions from the old drive to the new.

08-12-2010, 08:57 PM
The thread regarding the S4 expansion isn't germane beyond the general concepts of tivo/MFS partitioning being discussed.

I concur with mike_s, by having the MFS media and application partitions in their own partitions (which is how all stock drives are), one can arrange each of the partitions to be wherever desired (and you can dd them about, exactly as mike_s wrote). I would put every partition save the MFS media partitions on the SSD (as the MFS application partitions for an S3 include things like guide data, which might benefit from the faster read times).

08-12-2010, 09:21 PM
Might as well point out too that you can do this without a raid enclosure that does concatenation: just a standard two disk setup with an internal SSD disk with all but the media partitions and an external hard disk with the media partitions. MFS does the concatenation internally anyway.