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09-03-2010, 09:10 PM
Are you tired of having those infomercial and shopping channels keep showing up in your list of channels you receive? If so, this is the patch for you!

This patch is for tivoapp 6.4a and has been tested on an HR10-250.

When the patch is applied you can still change the "receive" and "favorite" status of any of the channels in your channel list. The patch stops channels you have marked as channels you do not receive from being changed to channels you receive. It may (or may not) also stop new channels from being added to the list of "All Channels".

You may periodically need to run without this patch if you want to allow the TiVo to add channels to the channel list. When the patch is removed, you will find that most or all of those channels you unchecked will come back. You may wish to use the channel prefs part of twp to restore your channel list if you have a lot of channels to un-check. Once you re-apply this patch, the TiVo will no longer be able to muck with your channels.

To apply the patch, change the bytes at 0x986200 (or file offset 0x586200) from 90820065 to 00001021

09-04-2010, 08:04 AM
I thought it would be nice to implement the function of this patch so that the effect of it could be toggled from within the TiVo interface without having to un-patch/re-patch tivoapp. To that end, I wrote a much larger patch that does just that. Unfortunately the larger patch doesn't seem to allow channels to be added when toggled to do so. This may be caused by the need for it to be toggled off earlier in the boot process. PM me if you would like to look at the larger patch.

09-07-2010, 04:27 PM
I've solved this problem by changing my Live Guide Display options to only display Favorite channels. If it's not on my favorite list I probably don't care what's on it. :)

09-07-2010, 11:42 PM
I'm glad that worked for you. I like to think of "received" channels as ones I would ever watch something from and "favorite" channels as those I'm more likely to watch. That way, on days I want to see fewer choices in the guide, I can just switch over to favorites.

01-28-2012, 12:53 AM
Patch for 6.3e is 0x0095b2cc (offset 0x0055b2cc)