View Full Version : tivoapp patch to enable Advanced WishList menu

09-09-2010, 12:08 PM
I realize that an Advanced WishList can be created by pressing the zero button in the Create WishList screen. I hardly ever use WishLists and tend to forget about pressing the zero button so I found a location to patch in tivoapp that causes the Advanced WishList to be shown on the menu. You don't see it initially but need to scroll down past the last option.

For tivoapp 6.4a, patch VMA 0x60e118 from 8fa30040 to 24030001.

It seems that the function at 0x71B920 is supposed to enable or disable this feature by calling GetGeneralConfig::GetObjectType at 0x44E94C. I am wondering from where the GetGeneralConfig function is reading it's data. MFS? /etc/TvFeatures? Somewhere else? Once that is determined, it should be possible to make a change there instead of patching or relying on remembering to press the zero button.

09-09-2010, 03:24 PM
Turns out this patch is not needed since I found that the Advanced WishList menu can be enabled by setting AdvancedTheme = 1 in mfs under /State/GeneralConfig

Here is a tcl script to do just that.

EnableTransactionHoldoff true

RetryTransaction {
set db [dbopen]
set gcobj [db $db open /State/GeneralConfig]

dbobj $gcobj set AdvancedTheme 1


puts "Advanced WishList enabled."