View Full Version : problem with tsmuxer and audio tracks

10-10-2010, 10:59 AM
i used to use tsmuxer to take the .tmf or .ts from my tivohd and burn a blu ray disk image.. but recently all recorded shows the audio track is not being recognized. anyone have any idea what is going on.. or anyone have any good alternative to taking the tracks and creating quickly a blu ray disk image.. ts muxer is very fast..

it doesnt matter if i take the .tmf and convert using s3tots.. the audio track is still not recognized.. but the track is ok.. if i take nero vision and load in the .ts and process i do get a blu ray dvd with audio and video but it takes forever as it reprocesses the entire video .. probably about 10 hours.. thanks.

ts remuxer recognizes the audio as dolby digital audio stream.. but i really dont want to remux the entire thing

10-10-2010, 11:43 AM
to answer my own question tsmuxer (not ts remux) seems to work ok and fairly fast about 5 minutes a disk , and can output blu ray file format.. which can be burned with nero udf 2.5.. the audio plays ok as dd 5.1 even though it looks a bit strange and the dvd says 2 ch. but all 6 channels are coming out of my av system which recognizes it as dd 5.1

kinda sweet now that you can get bd-r disks for about 1.30 apiece when on sale.. no more burning to double layer or splitting and shrinking movies.