View Full Version : Odd behaviour - new drive, season passes not recording...

02-22-2011, 01:01 AM
Ok, I just re-imaged a S2 DTivo (6.2). Everything seems ok, I started getting the guide data. I went into the guide and picked some shows and created season passes. But the season passes show up as having no episodes. I can go into the episode and it offers me to "record this show also" - if I do it adds it to the todo list, but if I go into the season pass manager and select the season pass - nothing comes up in upcoming shows, which usually shows episode even on other channels. So it is not that the channel id is wrong. And the fact that it recognizes the episode in the guide as part of the episode guide makes me think that the show id is right. But why can't it see the episodes?

Any ideas?

It looked like clear and delete program guide fixed the issue, but the problem is back again with SOME of the shows... something is really odd. Seems like some shows show up in the guide and look up by channel, but not in the Season Passes