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04-22-2011, 01:21 AM
I am using the script to update my TiVO HD to 11.0k. The script is basically a slightly modified version of ManualUpgrade.tcl and was used several times before for previous software updates without any problem. But today when I ran it the process stopped unexpectedly after seeing the following output:

bash-2.02# installSw.itcl
02/04:04:01:53: .//installSw.itcl: Installing "11.0k-01-2-652".
Installing module utils
02/04:04:01:53: .//installSw.itcl: Executing updateroot /dev/hda /install /var/packages 11.0k-01-2-652
Path prefix is /var/utils/
Sha1hash passed for updatekernel
Sha1hash passed for checkkernel.tcl
Sha1hash passed for messagelib.tcl
Sha1hash passed for buildskeleton
Sha1hash passed for SwInstall.tcl
Sha1hash passed for builddev

Searching /etc/fstab for current root

Old root is on /dev/hda4, new one goes on /dev/hda7

Creating new filesystem on /dev/hda7

Mounting new root filesystem on /install

Installing module core
Installing module hpk-Gen06
Installing module locale-en_US
Installing module eiger
Installing module kernel-Gen06
Building basic filesystem skeleton on /install

Checking /install/etc/fstab

newroot is 7, copying fstab from fstab.alternate
Creating symlinks for /install/etc files
Dismounting /install and checking its integrity

I waited for a long time (more than 15 minutes) before the script finally quited without any further message.

I checked the bootpage by bootpage -p. It shows root=/dev/hda4. It looks like that the installSw.itcl or updateroot hasn't flipped the rootpage yet. I don't know what happed. But I am sure the procedure including files' locations was correct. The possible reason may be some glitches (e.g. hard drive problem?) during installing the new software into the hda7 :confused:

Can I assume the current system is still ok, by which I mean it will still boot from the old software instead of that partially installed new one? Can I just simply run the script again to try my luck (of course, I need to change installSw.itcl to its original one before running the script)? Which log file(s) should I look up for the errors sent from updateroot and installSw? Any other suggestion?

My script is attached. It expects necessary files under /var/hack-tmp.


06-19-2011, 07:24 PM
Just an update on the issue.

The problem went away after I reboot the box. It may be a hardware (e.g. HD) related issue. Looks like that I need to change that 4-yr old drive...

One interesting thing I noticed is that Tivo stopped its mid night automatic reboot after my first failed update attempt, which in turn prevented the box from connection with tivo service for loading epg data. After one month without the connection, the box not only ran out of epg data. but also disabled the recording transfer via tivodesktop and Internet video streaming/downloading. It would show a popup whenever the tuner was switched to ask for tivo service connection. But at that point I was still able to do the recording via manually selecting time and channel. Not sure if it will eventually disable all functions