View Full Version : $55 worth of merchandise for $9.95

08-05-2000, 10:13 AM
Saw this on http://www.kovalchikfarms.com!

Drugstore.com - $55 worth of merchandise for $9.95 including S/H! The coppertone beach bag and the Fitness kit combine when you buy 1 Large size product.

NEW! FITNESS KIT ($35 value) when you purchase a Large Size product http://www.drugstore.com/user/promo.asp?promoid=9825&aid=248693&trx=1A1001

EXPIRING! Free Coppertone Beach Kit Free with any purchase. Good for everyone even if you got it before.*Expires 8/7/00 http://www.drugstore.com/user/promo.asp?code=7B15103C&aid=248693

Enter through the Free Coppertone Bag link. Then click the Free Fitness Kit Link and add any large size item to your cart. Now the 2 Free items and the large size kit are in your basket!