View Full Version : Transfer shows from Roamio to Hacked s3 (or model HD)?

Roger Dylan
05-25-2015, 09:30 PM
I've never really looked at the Roamio but all the discussion of recent deals has attracted my attention.

In general, my interest is whether you can get cci-byte-set shows off the Roamio. There are some cable channels beyond the tuning range of the s3 that the Roamio apparently gets, but I have no interest in locked down shows.

Say you have a show on a Roamio (or Plus or Pro) (virgin, shellshock not played with). The show is normally encrypted and the cci byte is set.

1. Can you see that Roamio on a hacked Tivo s3 or s3 model HD (cci byte mod but NOT encryption mod to TivoApp)?
2. Can you see that specific show?
3. Can you transfer that show from the Roamio to the s3?
4. Having transferred it, does the copy of the show now on the Tivo s3 have the cci byte NOT set (IOW is it now portable)?

EDITED TO ADD: Probably the fact the cci byte is set on the Roamio means you can't get the show off the Roamio at all, and the hacked status of the s3 is irrelevant, but I thought I'd ask.


12-19-2015, 04:38 PM
You can see the roamio on a hacked series 3. the cci byte is set by the roamio, so even if the series 3 is hacked, the rules apply based on the non hacked roamio.