View Full Version : St. Pauli Girl Poster Giveaway (starting 2/1)

01-31-2002, 12:20 PM
St. Pauli Girl Poster Giveaway (starting 2/1)

500 Posters Each Day
Every day for the month of February St. Pauli Girl will be giving away 500 posters.

Open For Ordering 8pm (EST)
An online counter will reset each night at 8pm (EST) to ensure a fair shot at a poster.

1 Poster Per Household
To make sure that every person has a chance at receiving a poster only one poster will be issued per household.

A Piece of St. Pauli Girl History
Be one of the lucky individuals to take home a piece of St. Pauli Girl history with a limited edition poster.

Heather Kozar
Get an upclose and personal chance to hang then 2002 St. Puali Girl Spokesmodel on your wall.

Staring February 1st