View Full Version : $15 off DrugEmporium $3.95 S/H

08-09-2000, 01:19 AM
Just shop, then register as a new user at checkout. It will automatically take off $15. The coupon code showed listed for me was: HCENDEMP

Shipping is $3.95 http://www.drugemporium.com/

08-09-2000, 03:02 AM
I was just coming to post this. I also got this off another board that it worked for a returning cust. The were a returning cust. at healthcentralrx but not drugemp. So if you are not a new cust. it is still worth a try.

08-09-2000, 04:58 PM
I just tried this, and couldn't get it to work. I didn't even find an opportunity to enter a coupon code. However,it did take off an automatic 25% at checkout-even on sale items.