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02-05-2002, 01:13 AM
Product Number

Probe Tools

S01100 Disposable Heel Grounds

S01200 07450/07451/07452
S01500 Type B Vinyl
S01800 Type S Antifatigue Vinyl

S02150 Type CE Diss 2-Layer Rubber
S02160 Type EB
S02170 Type O Diss Vinyl
S02200 Type P Conductive Poly
S02500 Package of Bags, MVB
S02600 Reztore™ Surf & Mat Cleaner
S02610 Reztore™ Topical Antistat
S02620 Statguard®® Carpet Protector
S02630 Reztore™ Static Wipes - 60 Wipes
S02640 Reztore™ Hand Lotion
S02700 Package of Labels
S02750 Aisle Marking Tape
S02760 Molded Hook Tape
S02770 2-Sided Adhesive Tape
S02800 Package of Foam
S02900 Type F Vinyl V-Groove Matl
S03000 Video, Floor Finish, Application
S03100 Video, Floor Finish, Sales
S03200 Type A Interlocking Rubber
S03900 FLR Finish & Striper, Statfree
S03910 Floor Paint 8 oz
S03920 Statguard®® Light Grey Floor Paint
S04150 Type T2 Two-Layer Rubber
S04550 Trash Can Liners
S04700 Video, ESD Training Program, CD-ROM
S04750 Type L White Rubber
S05000 Type G2 Rubber
S05100 Type i Interlocking Antifatigue
S05200 Clear Diss Poly Bag 8x10
S05300 Type B+
S09100 Wrist Strap, 6' Cord, Sapphire
S10209 Micastat®, Pack, Keychain
S10436 Statguard® Stripper 8oz
S10511 Statguard® Floor Finish 8oz
S10550 Statguard® LH Floor Finish 8oz
S10560 Statguard® Floor Finishing Stripper, Ft Ground
S10565 Statguard® Floor Cleaner 8oz
S13150 Bag, Metal Out 8x10
S13630 Bag, Metal In 8x10
S15130 Type DPL Anti-Fatigue 15x18
S15131 Type J, Key Chain
S16262 Type B Vinyl, Key Chain
S16265 PM-150 Floor Finish Brochure
S16301 Type B 2x3
S16400 Tape, Hi Temp Kapton®
S16410 Tape, Yellow Cellulose w/Symbols
S42001 Type Z2, Vinyl
S60110 Type T2 Rubber, Key Chain


02-05-2002, 03:56 AM
I could use alot of these things for my work corner. :) I really hope they send these samples.

02-05-2002, 04:04 AM