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  1. Sticky: It Works

    I simply configured Tytools properly, cut/pasted Telnet prompt per the first reply and it worked.

    Thanks to all for your support. Considering how simple the fix was, I feel like I should pay...
  2. Sticky: Oops TYTOOLS does not work... Sorry for the...

    Oops TYTOOLS does not work... Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Sticky: TyStudio 10r4 Error with Telnet

    In server > Start server

    Error message: Starting the Server Failed: Never received the Telnet Prompt. Please check your setting and try again.

    Comments: I am able to Telnet into TIVO, TIVOWEB...
  4. Sticky: Okay need a starting Point for TiVo to PC TIVO Series 1

    I recently upgraded my Philips Series 1 TiVo with a Networking Card, It works well to make the daily call via my internet connection. (I know there are users laughing, but Hey it WORKS and I have a...
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