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  1. New Tytool feature request

    If its not too hard ......I (and probably many others) still have video/audio
    sync problems when converting .ty to .mpg. We need an input box that
    can specify how much (+ or...
  2. Ok, so why does my 4.01b (kinda upgraded to...

    Ok, so why does my 4.01b (kinda upgraded to 7.1a but still running 4.01b)
    want nightly (2AM) reboots but the
    IDB_DATAGROUPLIST last component read.....SW_71A_csramp ?

    Whats the difference...
  3. vob-muxing .vs. mpeg

    I have done both. ty -> vob-muxing to dvd, and ty -> mpeg to dvd
    and both still have audio/video sync errors.
  4. Still (after 5 months) still have audio/video sync errors

    Is anyone willing to help me?
    I did what jdiner sugessted....On a brand new machine I installed tytool9r18
    fetched a .ty file, made key file, edited key file (adding a few cuts), vob-mux,
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    indexing dying at 50%

    And before you say anything....yes I did the search....and yes I found S2patch

    BUT I have not way of recompiling from source.

    Can anyone please post a fixed binary?

    PS this is for tons of...
  6. need help to eliminate "pending restart"

    I have a SAS2 (not 2.5) hacked running 4.01b-02-2-240
    and I have the bootpage thing to stop upgrade BUT
    in MFS/swsystem I now have a 4.01 entry, a 7.1 entry
    and the active entry (which is the same...
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    whats this usb msg on console mean?

    Ever since hacking my SA S2 I get console messages that sais
    "kernel: usb.c: USB device is not claimed by any active driver."
    Yet everything appears to be working ok.
    PS modem is being used by...
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    MRV and other things not working

    OK, That explains why they show up but can't access recordings
    1) Why can't the new (unhacked S2.5) not access the PC server for MP3/JPG ?
    2) Can a S2.5 be hacked ?
    3) If the new S2.5 can be...
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    can't get MRV and MP3/JPG working

    Ok, I have 1 hacked S2SA running 4.01b-02-2-240 with decrypt via patch4all
    I can listen/watch mp3/jpg from my PC without any problems.
    Now I just got my second tivo S2.5 which is running...
  10. WOW! now I'm not the only one left with sync errors

    SO, it now looks like its not something wrong that I've done. I've done
    enough testing to verify it wasn't something I did wrong loading stuff
    into the tivo, and it wasn't something I did wrong on...
  11. Still have audio/video out of sync problem

    OK, so last night I brought home my work laptop, (has XP/PRO SP2)
    I installed tytools9r18, winDVD, and powerDVD. I ftp'd 2 .ty files.
    I multiplexed both .ty files using different methods.....
  12. Still having problems.......

    I was hoping....but alas...I'm still having audio/video out of sync problems :-(
    I've installed 9r18, I've tried standard demux, and the new demux, I've tried
    with and without patching audio holes,...
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    Please help explain a wee bit about MFS

    Can anyone please explain.......
    Whats the difference between XXXX/-1, XXXX/10, XXXX/11 etc etc etc
    What is the XXXX? Is it some sort of block number?
    What is the -1, 10, 11 etc etc? Why do I...
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    Tivo SA S2 video output problem

    I have always used the RF in (from cable box) and RF output to TV without any
    problems. Just recently I hooked up the (yellow/red/white) outputs to a cable
    that runs to my camcorder inputs and the...
  15. need help deciding which USB adapter to get

    I'm currently running with USB 1.1 (Linksys TX100) adapter and best xfer
    (with myword/ftp/telnet/mfs_ftp/web+/vserver all turned off any only
    tytools server running) is 479K which is approx...
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    all offset working

    OK, I tried the following...
    added new season pass with start 2 min early and end 2 min late
    added new season pass with start 1 min early and end 1 min late
    added new season pass with start 1 min...
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    Where can I find tivosh manual

    Does anyone know where I can find tivosh uniq command descriptions?

    I'd like to learn how to use all the tivosh extensions to tcl
    etc etc etc

    I've experimented...
  18. Thread: Series2 OSD

    by grossman

    Fix to elseed/yac/newtext2osd text imm being cleared

    I solved the problem of text imm being cleared this morning...
    I noticed that after a reboot text from "text2osd" and elseed stay on the
    screen but when I tried just 10 min later it didn't. I then...
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    Figured out whats causing my CID to imm clear

    Erhan are you listening? Can you help?
    I just figured out why my CID makes it into the log file ok BUT after a system
    reboot it works fine on the screen for some time and then stops working.
  20. OK, Now I'm woried. I have a SA S2...

    OK, Now I'm woried. I have a SA S2 4.0.1b-02-2-240 sleepered onto a 160GB
    drive. Its been 1.5 months and everythings still ok but is it just a matter of
    time? In system information it sais +157...
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    Thats weird....I'm running 4.0.1b-02-2-240 and...

    Thats weird....I'm running 4.0.1b-02-2-240 and atleast on all season passes
    I have the option to start at -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 and stop at all the same offsets.
    This is not a system...
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    Sticky: What is MRV

    I've seen this mentioned in many posts so here goes.....
    Subject sais it all!!!

    PS and yes I searched for 15 minutes and see it in many threads
    BUT just can't find its meaning.
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    Need help trapping remote keypresses

    I need a script (bash or tivosh) that can trap unused keypresses and
    using app text2osd display the last line of a file on the screen.
    I know how to do it all except for the trapping part.
  24. Sticky: can't increase transfer speed

    I hope this goes here...can't find a better place...
    S2 SA using latest tytools or ftp_mfs to PC only gets a max of 471K bytes/sec...
    This is via its USB connector, to a Linux TX-100 (USB to wired...
  25. sleepered system keeps freezing

    I upgraded my S2 tivo (4.0.1b-02-2-140) on 9/18/2004
    with the sleeper.iso. Every since then the system
    occationaly freezes. It always happens right on a 15
    min mark (0,15,30,or 45) when the tivo...
  26. Still having audio sync problems

    Yet again I pulled off 3 30min shows in tysteam mode (.ty) with Patch Audio Holes, and transcode to 48KHz@192 I then created keys, and then cuts. I then tried
    a) old format vob/mux and then create...
  27. Need mpeg help

    I thought my problem was I was running an old version so I just upgraded to
    tytool9r17 and I still have audio sync problems.
    a) SA S2 4.0.1b
    b) I use tytool to download alot of 30 min shows
    c) I...
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    A different type of freezing

    1) approx every 1.2-2.0 days the whole unit freezes
    2) I've never got any stuttering problems

    It has happened in the middle of the night, when watching live tv,
    when watching a recording, and...
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    OK, I didn't like always setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    so, I'n now running the static version

    Hopefully it will solve one of my problems.....

    1) elseed info on screen always clears in less than 1...
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    elseed and 4.0 sometimes freezing

    Yup I hacked my tivo SA S2 3 weeks ago and no problems....
    This past weekend I installed elseed, and now approx every other day
    the system just freezes up

    PS can't do anything via...
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