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    ChopperXP gone AWOL?

    Can somebody please point me in another direction to get ChopperXP (or open up a link where I can download it.)

    I have tried the official links from DVD Digest but I keep
    getting site down error...
  2. TyTool#5 stops after putting clocks back / time different

    I haven't tried to extract for a while but I tried today and Tytool#5 reported that it could not get the list...

    Reading list from the server...
    Clear Now Showing List...
    Connecting to...
  3. Thread: email on Tivo?

    by nokia

    Check out

    Check out
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    UK support for BT Caller ID

    How are you getting on with making amendments to the program to support BT's standard for Caller ID to support the UK TiVo owners?

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    Yes Very Paranoid

    YES VERY PARANOID - What the hell can they do?
  6. Josh's PayPal Account

    I used "" its comes up with his name when you go though it - add a note encouraging him that its for a faster TyTool #6 release with muxing!

    C'mon guys lets really show him...
  7. Paypal

    Yep - we are right behind you and I would encourage those of us who haven't sent any money (or any money recently) to Josh via Paypal to encourage him to put in the last 8 hours by making a small...
  8. TyTool #6 with muxing

    Are we any closer to Tytool #6 with muxing?

  9. TyTool Feature Request Payments

    Staying true to my word, I have sent you $30 via paypal for
    Releasing the UK version of TyTool. To encourage further
    Development I will continue to send you more money as we see
  10. Josh - what might be a good idea - especially for...

    Josh - what might be a good idea - especially for those who don't put in it the rc.sysinit, would be to have a config option which is set would spawn a BASH shell like TIVO app when you do a refresh...
  11. TiVo Icon

    Here's a TiVo Icon for your new application.
    Not sure whether you had one or not...
  12. Feature Request

    Can I suggest a new feature.

    For the status bar at the bottom, as the complete size of the TyStream is known, would it be possible to have a percentage extraction complete together with a...
  13. Re: I need a few more UK test streams...

    Let me have some details and I will send you some files.
    Let me know how many you need and I will extract some...

  14. I'm sure many of us would pay for such a util -...

    I'm sure many of us would pay for such a util - especially if its is continued to be supported. For me I'd pay upto $150 for a decent extraction app which worked and was actively supported !! ...
  15. Received and Understood! Lets hope its not too...

    Received and Understood! Lets hope its not too long before we see a UK compatible version like ExtractStream. Damn, I would even pay you for it !!!! :D

    In the meantime, if I have my...
  16. And it still is as far as I know. LIke I...

    And it still is as far as I know. LIke I mentioned before TivoApp seems to do it ok on UK SATivo's which uses ExtractStream - but the main client app is too unstable, and it extracts at too high a...
  17. Re: Re: Alpha#3 still not working in UK SATivo's

    hi jdiner,
    Yeah - I'm trying to create a M2A and M2V from a UK SATiVo using VSPLIT mode.

    1) Running in TYMODE works ok, I get a large extract .TY file except that I don't then know how to...
  18. Alpha#3 still not working in UK SATivo's

    Hi Jdiner,
    I wasn't sure whether you had fixed it anyway since it was not specifically mentioned in the notes you posted, but I just tried Alpha#3 on my XP box and I still get 0 sized m2v and m2a...
  19. 0 byte Vsplit (m2a,m2v) problem on UK 2.5.5 SATivo

    Firsly this is a ass-kicking prog!!!

    However I have a problem - I'm running it on a UK SATive with 2.5.5 and a TuboNet.

    I can extract a full program (all mine are done in best quality) using...
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