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    I had to do this in two steps to play on my 6230b...

    I had to do this in two steps to play on my 6230b

    tytool to mpg
    mpg to avi
    avi to 3pg

    I think the Nokia software is messed up as anything other than an avi it seems to process "really...
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    Thanks for the thoughts... Did try the script...

    Thanks for the thoughts... Did try the script before posting - failed.

    I have checked rc.sysinit - I'll make the change... but even without the change wouldn't the Tivo still download the slice...
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    Wish I could help you... I still haven't got the...

    Wish I could help you... I still haven't got the c2 download... maybe I need the slice files but I can't find them.
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    Try DVD Shrink.

    Try DVD Shrink.
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    Hughes xtreme 2.5 and 3.1c2

    Hi guys!

    I have a Hughes Series 1 that I've updated a long time ago with xtreme 2.5. And over time have moved it to 3.1 with the files available at this forum.

    I'm now trying to get it to...
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    DO You Have 25xtreme for SAT-T60 or are you...

    trying to use the DSR6000 one?

    That might be your problem.
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    Sticky: 3.1c2 Slice Files or Hughes Series 1 Image

    Hi All,

    If any could help it would be appreciated!

    I went to my Hughes backup only to find it corrupted. So I tried the DSR6000 xtreme 2.5 image and upgraded it to 3.0 but becuase of a version...
  8. Sticky: Funny Thing With Smart FTP

    I'm not sure where I lost this function, but has anyone else noticed this... when I first setup MFS_FTP, the shutdown and phoenix "commands" would show up as folders and if you double clicked on them...
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    www tivostuff com

    Look for

    You might get some, but not all you used to have before. I'm still missing a bunch of them.
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    I've run this a few times (over the course of months), and still haven't gotten all the logos back.
  11. Thread: DVR showcase

    by SirTrini

    NFL Sunday Ticket Enhancements

    Come in this way as well.... I guess the early morning timeslot might not be enough to get all the data, and it finds other "free time" to record the content.
  12. Sticky: Deleting Files w/ MFS_FTP

    It's been my experience that deleting either a .tmf, .ty, or .ty+ will all result in the show getting deleted.

    MFS_FTP is really just giving you a "3 or 4 virtual" representations of the same ONE...
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    No Probs...

    But I guess you don't have a way yet to get these image out to share with the rest of us?
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    Don't know if this applies....

    But Alphawolf suggested in another thread that you could wipe out a nnumber in a file that would get rid of the 51.

    See here:...
  15. Tytools and Bit Rate

    I've noticed that tytool constantly puts in 15mbits as the video data rate, but it's actually way less. Watching the vob/mpeg from Tytool in powerdvd or in a dvd player capable of displaying bit rate...
  16. Elementals after cuts...

    I know you can use the cut file with vspilt to output an elemental files with the cuts created from gopeditor, but I think this is in reference from doing this within tytool - without the need to...
  17. JG24

    I don't think jdiner tool is going to re-encode the video (anytime soon).... you probably will need to the video output from tytool (mpeg or elemental) into a program like TMPGEnc to re-encode the...
  18. Thanks for the Amazing Work!

    We all appreciate it!!! :)

    Since you're asking about features one that I didn't see listed:

    1. Fix the AC3 code.... at one point you mentioned there was still some work to do with this - I've...
  19. I find it faster to edit it tytools, I've done...

    I find it faster to edit it tytools, I've done the editing in TMPGEnc as well, without any problems except one:

    For one of the commerical custs, when I play it on my PS2 it creates green boxes on...
  20. I use tytool to get an mpeg and go to an external...

    I use tytool to get an mpeg and go to an external program "TMPGEnc DVD Author" to create the vobs and menus.
  21. Here Are My Steps for a PS2 Playable DVD

    First off I'm using a DTIVO, so I do not need to upsample the audio.

    1. Extract TY using your favourite tool - I use MFS_FTP, but I've also used Tytool without any problems

    2. Using tytool...
  22. Using PS2, TyToolsR2 and DVD Author (TMPGEnc)

    My DVD's play fine in my PS2, the only thing I noticed is that I had to change the PS2 settings to make the movies look decent. They play perfectly fine in my other Sony DVD player, but in the PS2 it...
  23. Thanks!

    I appreciate all your efforts!

    I am using Tmpgenc's DVD Authoring tool and have had no problems whatsoever with sync... I've produced about 10 DVD's with your tool to trim movies or cut...
  24. Sticky: TMF's work great for insertation back into the...

    TMF's work great for insertation back into the Tivo, but other conversion apps: TYStudio/TYTool etc... don't use this format yet (not sure if they will either).

    To get a TMF into a TY you would...
  25. Sticky: In MFS_FTP if you were to use an FTP prog, then...

    In MFS_FTP if you were to use an FTP prog, then all you would do is "click" on the Shutdown folder and that woudl stop MFS_FTP.

    In DOS, I would assume if you were to change dir's to "Shutdown"...
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