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    Sticky: bootpage problem

    I didn't edit my bootpage when I had the harddrive in my pc. So how can I edit now that it is in my Tivo. When I type ./bootpage -p /dev/hdc i get cannot execute a binary file. This should be the...
  2. bootpage problem

    So should I pull my harddrive and run bootpage on computer or how can I do this by serial?
  3. bootpage problem

    Okay I have everything installed and running great but I am having a brain fart. Why can't i change bootpage parameters?

    cd /cdrom/bootpage
    bash-2.02# ./bootpage -p /dev/hdc
  4. NowShowing now showing

    Thanks a ton all!!!!!!!
  5. No Nowshowing

    I can't figure this out. Any ideas?

    telneting to the TIVO...
    Connecting to ''
    We got 'bash-2.02# ' which is the prompt!
    bash-2.02# /var/hack/tserver...
  6. Thread: tivowebplus

    by bdbax

    tivoweb won't load

    What did I screw up now it was working earlier today?

    Couldn't bind to socket.
    /etc/rcS.d/S90TivoWebPlus: var/local/tivoweb-tcl/tivoweb: No such file or directory...
  7. On second thought

    I am to close to screw this up now. what are the procedures to
    back up /lib/modules to somewhere safe
    - delete ax8817x.o, usbcore.o, usb-ohci.o, and (if it exists) ehci-hcd.o
    - copy in the new...
  8. symlink usbnet.o to ax8817x.o

    First, Thanks to all for the great work you have done.

    How do I symlink usbnet.o to ax8817x.o

  9. No Space left on the device

    Got it! Thanks for all your help.
  10. No Space left on the device

    I'm guessing that from my files cd I did:
    cp -r /cdrom/* /tivo/cdrom so I"m guessing thats what all this is.
  11. No Space left on the device

    Well here it is. Thanks for the help!

    33 /etc/rc.d
    4 /etc/tivoconfig
    78 /etc
    1 /etccombo
    1922 /lib/modules
    5407 /lib
    23 /opt/tivo
    24 /opt
  12. No Space left on the device

    Ok I am kinda slow here! At the bash i typed e2fsck -y /dev/hda7 then tried superpatch again, still no luck. When I df it says hda7 is 100%. Thanks
  13. No Space left on the device

    Ok I am getting there. This is my only hangup. Any help greatly appreciated!

    Patching your tivoapp...

    error copying "/tvbin/tivoapp" to "/tvbin/tivoapp.original": no space left on de
  14. ok I get a fatal error when I try to do...

    ok I get a fatal error when I try to do superpatch. Any ideas?

    bash-2.02# bash-2.02# bash-2.02#
    bash-2.02# cd /cdrom
    bash-2.02# pwd
    bash-2.02# mount -o remount,rw /
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    Sticky: init_framework


    I am having a heck of a time. Possibly you could help me. After instantcake I put my hd back in tivo and it seemed to work fine.I put it back in my pc and followed Riley's post. my first...
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