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    i know turning an SA Tivo into a MythTV box is...

    i know turning an SA Tivo into a MythTV box is realistically impractical... i was just interested in going through the what-ifs. which proprietary hardware are you inferring that myth could not...
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    installing different linux

    ok, i hope i dont get bashed for this thread, but i was just wondering how difficult it would be to install/get a new version of linux running on a SA tivo box. Is it completely out of the realm of...
  3. Sticky: extraction without tivonet

    i need to extract some programs off my tivo because its running out of room (only 14hr) but i dont have tivonet. is there a utility that i can use to extract if i just rip out the hard drive and ...
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    Write own SA Software

    Ive been following the tivo scene for a while and i have seen lots of people spend time working on hacks to the tivo software....trying to extract streams/parse slice data. Im curious why no one has...
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