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  1. Just a quick FAQ suggestion

    I looked briefly on, couldn't find it and I ended up getting most of what I need from a screen cap from GOP Editor, but it would be nice to have a list of the keyboard mapping (shortcut...
  2. TMF -> Ty

    Thanks Fugg -

    Yeah I've used that for awhile actually back when I first started trying TyTools and the other tool since neither supported TMF. Then it appeared that TMF was supported - at least...
  3. Findings...

    On the two issues I had:
    1) FAE editing - my fault - TY edits just fine, just like the aforementioned FAQ states.

    2) MPEG for use in 3rd party tools. I am still getting the error "The VOB file...
  4. :o - (somewhat sheepish grin) - Ok I get it now:...

    :o - (somewhat sheepish grin) - Ok I get it now:
    TMF->TyTool = OK
    TMF->TyTool->GOP Editor NOT = OK

    Did I get this right? Because the two items I listed earlier were not mutually exclusive. ...
  5. I apologize, my bad. I went back and re-read...

    I apologize, my bad. I went back and re-read this thread from the beginning and seem to have missed where the TMF files were not supported. I think I heard the rumor wayyyyyyyy back in the 8r(x)...
  6. New muxer appears to be incompatible with 3rd party tools...


    I'm going to try to keep this in the "dull roar" category :)

    I've found a few issues with 9r13 and 9r14 that I wanted to bring up and see if there was any chance that they were being...
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    Similar issue

    EDIT - finally figured out how to formulate the right search to return the info I needed.

    On another note - GREEK helped me out with my problem - turns out the white power ribbon cable came loose...
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    What patch is this? I've got a couple of...

    What patch is this?

    I've got a couple of drives I've gone over 137 gig on and haven't had any problems with, and I'm not aware of having applied any special patches to "enable" them. Granted they...
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    I don't imagine that this could be used to aid in...

    I don't imagine that this could be used to aid in server to server transfers could it? (source tivo1 instead of local fs, destination tivo2)? I don't think it could help with the direct mfs_ftp to...
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    Hi8 Sorry - just trying to ask a simple...

    Sorry - just trying to ask a simple question. The only reason I ask is that I'm wondering if it suffers from the same digital audio bug as the Hughes. I didn't think it was an option since I...
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    Hi8 - you got a DSR7000 for the $99 deal?

    Hi8 - you got a DSR7000 for the $99 deal?
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    HDVR2 Optical audio

    Maybe I can shed some light on the optical problem, I just wasted about 6 hours of troubleshooting and phone time on the issue.

    I just got one of the $99 HDVR specials, and unfortunatly it's...
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    Sticky: quantum: Have you checked on Tivo's A and B to...


    Have you checked on Tivo's A and B to see if you have an inserted program. If you just drag from one box to the other without using the right click queue feature, you won't get any...
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    More info

    Ok - here's a bit more info that I've found for anyone who may encounter problems with their daily call over the network / ethernet.

    I FINALLY found a log that somewhat pertains to the daily call...
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    Daily Update over Network FAILS

    Does anyone have a process flow for how the "dial out" over the network works? (IP's, PORTS, logs, etc)

    My current setup -
    Tivo SA S1 with Turbonet

    All networking functions properly to the...
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    CHECK YOUR UNIT OUT - Before hacking it...

    I know that this probably goes without saying, but just in case anyone get a bit tooooo eager (and that never happens to us techies) I have a sneaking suspicion that these are reman'd units. Once...
  17. Bill - You will find that DealDatabase is...

    Bill -

    You will find that DealDatabase is rather "self service" oriented - just fair warning - many folks like to see us newbies do some reading first. Remember the SEARCH button is your friend. ...
  18. Blasted - I'm assuming that you are attempting...

    Blasted -

    I'm assuming that you are attempting to watch the resulting MPG file with Windows Media Player? Though I'm not a genius on the matter, there is something in the DirectX codec that...
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    Sticky: Re: Unable to transfer shows between TiVos

    Nope, your doing it right.

    The reason you don't get status is because the Tivo is actually sending it, not SmartFTP. Once the process is initiated, everything moves between the Tivos and not...
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    No problem, glad to help! I know a lot of...

    No problem, glad to help!

    I know a lot of folks deride the Stomp RecordNow MAX software, but you might try it for blanking your disks. It has worked very well for me. I actually like it a bit...
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    I've to the external version of this same drive

    Actually shows up in burning software as the 500a, never had a problem erasing the -RW or the +RW. I did have a time where I THOUGHT it was the media because i had the same 3 gig of data I was...
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    Your seeing this when you play the DVD back in...

    Your seeing this when you play the DVD back in your computer using a software based DVD player (like PowerDVD, WinDVD, etc) correct?

    The reason is that on your computer with a software player you...
  23. SZ - THANKS!

    Just got done doing the 2 step... worked flawlessly this time. 25xtreme then upgrd31 - got an IP right off the bat. Hmmm, must have looked at it funny this time (or shook the wire just right) while...
  24. Just curious...

    What terminal emulation, telnet, etc program is the most stable to use with serial/ethernet communication to the Tivo. I understand Hyperterminal can cause it to reboot sometimes. I'd seen NetTerm...
  25. Superzap... Yeah... that was kind of a last...


    Yeah... that was kind of a last ditch effort before I went out of town. Now I've got all of today to dedicate to getting it working.

    I've got a flashing green on the turbonet...
  26. Similiar situation? (2.5 to 3.1 upgrade)

    Superzap, (Captain... et. al.)

    I think I may have a similar situation and want to make sure that your suggestion above would apply to me. I recently acquired a Sony SAT T60. I wanted to put the...
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    Have you tried mastering your DVD and outputting...

    Have you tried mastering your DVD and outputting to ISO not directly to your DVD Drive? Once you have a disk image it should be a trivial matter to mount it using something like Alcohol 120% and...
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    Possibly a really DUMB TY file question.

    I'm trying to tie (sorry bad pun) everything together and read all 50 pages of this and other posts to get a mile high view of the tools and methods available.

    So far my experience has been...
  29. Re: Re: Believe me, I've looked! (grin)

    I've got to agree with the Captain here... what version are you running? Once I upgraded through 1.3 I found the PlayAC3=0 in the [VIODRIVER] section right under MostionEstimate=20. (Windows XP)
  30. Gotcha- last issue... promise (wink)

    Last thing to deal with...

    I've used these excellent guides to get video off the Tivo that was 480x480 (SA series 1).

    Patched to 352.

    Ran through DVDWS.

    Patched VOB back to 352.
  31. Curious - why 352x480 and not 720x480

    Just curious - why 352x480 and not 720x480? I do know that 352x480 works for the video that I have recorded that way (and man is it fast). Why not 720 though to patch the first frame?

    I'll try...
  32. THATS the ticket - Just wanted to say thanks!

    Pr.Sinister -

    Knowing where the file is - that was half the battle.
    Having a stable system to look at was the other half.

    One tends to shoot ones self in the foot when running too fast with a...
  33. Believe me, I've looked! (grin)

    The only reference i can find to it on my entire hard drive is in u32comm.ini under the [Info] section:

    I have turned my hard drive inside out, upside down, and backwards. (on...
  34. DVDWS.ini - where is it?


    Could you give me a hint on how you got a DVDWS.ini for Ulead DVD Workstation 1.3? I've done a complete re-install from v 1.0 and upgraded through 1.2 and 1.3. Short of that could...
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