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  1. Will Tivo HD get guide in this Senior Community with no encryption so no cable card?

    My wifes uncle, currently has a S2 and gets the guide threw Tivo for his Time Warner Cable unencrypted cable.

    He bought a new Vizio 42" tv, and when you use the tuner on that tv to scan for...
  2. Thanks for help with 2.5.2 upgrade.

    Any recommendations on what would be the best "deal" when subbing with Direct TV?.

    I would need 3 receivers, but would want to probably order a DVR from DIRECT on original purpose, then I would...
  3. Upgrading to 2.5.2 or higher

    I might have the tools, and apps to up to 2.5.2 that I saved from when I was just about to do it a year ago.

    Will look for the Superzap xupgrade iso.

  4. Can I put an old "Extremed" DSR6000 back in action?

    I have in my possession a Series 1 DSR6000 that was in use, and a T60 that I have never subbed.

    I want to sub to DTV.

    Can the DSR6000 still be used, I think it has version 2.5 on it and had...
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    What will it cost?

    What will the UTV subscription cost at DTV?
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    Went on ROOF, and

    cut off ends, and reapplied a connector. "OUCH", that was hot sitting on the roof. Well it is still low on signal strength. So next thing is to check the alignment. And see if a little push, some...
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    Signal strength is 65 on both tuners... so I need to

    Maybe that will help, if I crawl up on top of the roof, and check the connection
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    DSR6000 pixellates, sound, black then back

    I can run on another IRD, 4th gen, and all seems fine. But using the Dtivo, I get sound cutouts, Picture blackens, and sometimes, the INFO screen for the channel comes back on.. Been that way for the...
  9. High Pitched Whine from Amp using DSR6000

    I have this High pitched whine.... that oscillates every two seconds., but stays steady. Dont notice it if there is a Signal coming thru, but when nothing is coming, and maybe just the guide up, and...
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