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    Fixing Permissions Worked

    Thank you very very much for the help. The chmod command worked perfectly and now I can search. Thank you for not disrespecting a novice to Linux. Although I used to be a techie, it was decades ago...
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    Looking for TivoWebplus 2.0 Advice - DTivo RCA40 Series 2

    I recently replaced a DVRUpgrade disk under warranty and in the process the software loaded on the disk was upgraded to Tivo 6.4a-01-2-121 (previously 6.2), and TivoWebPlus 2.0 (previously 1.3). The...
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    I'm not sure what you mean? I open the Word...

    I'm not sure what you mean? I open the Word document and see all the characters. At one point it looks like it lopped off the"/n" of "y/n", but the "/n" is on the next line.
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    Same Problem, except I updated with 6.2a-01-2-321

    I had the same problem when upgrading my RCA39, now with a PTVUpgrade 105MB drive, updated with the rbautch Enhancements, and am now trying to go back through all my notes to see if there is a way...
  5. OK. Thanks. These forums really do work. Wish I...

    OK. Thanks. These forums really do work. Wish I could return the favor.
  6. Tivo Serial Cable..OK..then what?

    I can get a cable, but at this point, I'm not sure how I communicate with a system that is not booted up. Seems like I still have to take the screwed up drive and fix it elsewhere, like in a PC....
  7. Not getting refurb unit...

    Thanks for your suggestion. I can't get it to boot far enough to see it on the net. So no access while in the Tivo unit. I suppose I could install it in my desktop PC and fix the files there.
  8. Copying back original tivoapp...

    I cannot see it on the network. It never gets that far in the boot cycle. Are you suggesting that I put the drive in a PC and do the copy there?
  9. What did I do wrong? - trying simple commands

    I have been successfully using my PTVUpgrade drive, added TivoWebPlus and TyTools, and was attempting to change the encryption flag per instructions on DealTime. I completed the following sequence...
  10. Now I did it...Desperate!

    I managed to get through the command sequence by doing it through Telnet. I even found what I though was the missing file. When I went to a reboot, it stayed on the DirecTV screen the indicates it...
  11. Disabling TyStream Encryption - Having Trouble Executing Commands

    I have an S2 unit with 6.2, on a PTVUpgrade disk that otherwise has been working well. I am trying to run through the commands that AlphaWolf posted -...
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