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  1. Transfer settings. programs from 40GB to 120GB w/ xtreme 2.5.2

    Hi guys, I currently have Tivo T60 w/ 40 GB HD running Xtreme 2.5.2. I would like to transfer all the settings (season passes, programs) from 40GB to 120GB.

    According to Hinsdale How-to it is...
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    Wrong Forum. We don't discuss 3M Administrator...

    Wrong Forum. We don't discuss 3M

    Administrator please luck it.
  3. Data stopped coming in again

    I am back. I am the one who started this thread back on January 24th asking for help on partial guide data.

    Well after running #61, #60,12, and combination of all other commands the data didn't...
  4. Guide data for some locals only show selective info

    Hi guys, after installing xpusz 3.1 on Sony t-60 I was receiving only partial guide data until channel 9 UPN (NY), 11 WB and up. After doing system reset by "Clear Program Date & To Do list" and...
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    Zabs, then I don't think the problem lies in...

    Zabs, then I don't think the problem lies in accoustic software since before the upgrade the hard drive was "silent"

    What else could it be?
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    HD is much louder after installing Xtreme 2.5.2

    I upgraded my Sony T-6o from factory installed software to Xtreme 2.5.2. One thing I noticed right away is that the driver is much much louder. I had to completely shut down the system for a night...
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    zabs, thank you for a quick response. I am in the...

    zabs, thank you for a quick response. I am in the process of ordering TiVo Null Modem Serial Cable - 20' from 9th tee.

    Zabs you seem to be very knowledgeable in the topic. Since I am only...
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    Activate noppv without Rebooting Tivo?

    I hope that I am not asking the question that was asked before, but I can't find any relevent information to my problem.

    1. After installing 2.5 extreme, I have to install the drive back to Tivo....
  9. Thanks Zabs

    Thanks Zabs, I'd like to use the software to remove noscramble option.

    BTW, if I want to install Extreme software 2.5 over 3.1 version will it erase all my previously recorded shows?

  10. I am very new to all of this. But had no problem...

    I am very new to all of this. But had no problem installing Xtreme software, My question is about "kraven upgrade". From my understanding I don't need to buy TurboNet to use Kraven pack.

    Am I on...
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