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    Found this info-nugget I pulled mine out of...

    Found this info-nugget

    I pulled mine out of its box and found a 2-11-99 date on the label. Must be from the first production run. Weird that someone bought such a wonderful new toy and never...
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    ATSC subchannel tuning with IR blaster?

    Is there any possibility of hacking an S1 (or S2) TiVo to directly go to any ATSC subchannel using the IR blaster?
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    Use a PTV100 only for manual recording?

    I got a PTV100 new in box, unit, remote and cables still sealed in their bags, for a mere $5. :)

    What I'd like to do is simply use it as a digital VCR, manually setting the channel, start and stop...
  4. diskutil didn't work, claimed the drive wasn't...

    diskutil didn't work, claimed the drive wasn't locked. I then tried using it to Lock the drive, which it claimed it was able to do, then power cycled and tried Unlock again - "not locked". Pfaugh!
  5. Can't unlock 40gig Maxtor QuickView. Not for DVR.

    I picked up a 40gig Maxtor QuickView drive at a thrift store for $5. All the computer guy there could tell me about it was it was "pulled from a DVR". He has some more of the same model drive.

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