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    Yeah, that's what the problem was... I had put...

    Yeah, that's what the problem was... I had put that at the very very end of my post above, I think you missed it :-)

    So I've been up and running for 2 days now. Yay!

    Thanks again.

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    I couldn't find my serial cable, so I made a new...

    I couldn't find my serial cable, so I made a new one. I figured it out. Here is what I saw:

    SIOCSIFNETMASK: No such device
    SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable
    /etc/rc.d/ cd:...
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    Curious to know if anyone is using chrsturbo's...

    Curious to know if anyone is using chrsturbo's 3.1.x lba48 kernel on a phillips dsr704. My box is monte'd using sleeper's ISO, running 3.1.1b. I tried replacing my kernel with this one, and my...
  4. Copying Monte'd drive to new drive with larger swap...

    Ugh, I'm failing miserably with this. I successfully used Sleeper's scripts CD (thanks sleeper!!) and was able to make a Monte'd image of my Series 2 40gig drive onto a 160gig drive with 128meg of...
  5. Re: can't open object (0x00030019)

    I've noticed that most of the time, nosdd seems to be running happily on my dtivo via cron (I also run it every 5 minutes.) However, from time to time, I am seeing errors in my nosdd output that...
  6. That was it. Thanks!!

    That was it. Thanks!!
  7. TivoTitle ok from shell, but errors from cron - thoughts?

    I have TivoTitle 0.93 installed on my DTivo T60. If I run it from the command line, it works great. When I try to run it from cron, however, it fails. It isn't an issue of cron not executing the...
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    Re: bato

    Here's a link to where you can find TivoTitle v0.93

    It has a vew tweaks in it. Among other things, it attempts to address the A/V...
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    Extracted A/V missing video

    I've tried extracting a couple of short recordings from my T60 but my end result is an mpeg file that I can open (with quicktime 6 or windows media player) but it only plays audio.

    I'm extracting...
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