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  1. Sprint - cell phone service - $ for referrer and $50 to new referred customer

    I think its $75 for the referrer, but the fine print mentions only $50. Doesn't matter much, though. Just PM me your email and name if you'd like a referral. Thanks.

  2. If you'd like to sign up via my referral lin (and...

    If you'd like to sign up via my referral lin (and get extra 5 GB), here it is:
  3. 20 or more GB of free cloud storage

    15GB at signup (limited time promo)
    +5GB for signing up via a referral, and installing the Copy app on any device (Windows, Mac, Android)
    +2GB for a tweet
    +5GB per new signup that you refer...
  4. Mediacom cable TV or internet service referral credit

    If you are in an area serviced by Mediacom and are looking to sign up with them, PM me IF you've decided to go with Mediacom. I can refer you and you get a $50 benefit towards your next 10 statements...
  5. Free 1000 AAdvantage miles for joining American Airlines' program

    Through Aug 2010, new/prospective members can earn 1000 AAdvantage miles if they join American Airlines' AAdvantage program through an existing member's referral AND also earn 750 AA miles through...
  6. online brokerage Bonus for opening new account

    Scottrade is offering 3 FREE TRADES to people opening new accounts (new account means that you should not have held any individual or joint account with Scottrade previously). To receive the free...
  7. Online stock trades including free trades*

    If you are tired of paying commissions when you trade stock or ETFs through your broker, take a look at Zecco.
    Zecco charges only $4.50 for regular trades, but, more importantly, allows you 10 FREE...
  8. Scottrade discount broker ReferALL (3 free trades)

    Great quality of service despite being a discount broker. See Let me know (by PM through this forum), if you'd like me to refer you. Please include the following information in...
  9. Northwest Airlines Travel Discount Certificate for $35 off $200 or more

    For Sale:
    (I have two such Certificates available)
    Northwest Airlines Travel Discount Certificate for $35 off any published roundtrip fare of $200 or more. Ticket must be purchased on or before...
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    Ford employee 20% off EddieBauer

    for Ford employees...

  11. Spend $10/20 on pens etc at Office Depot B&M, get free OD store card

    Expires Mar 22 (tomorrow)
    Look at first page of your local Office Depot circular (can also check local circular pages thru, for the details: essentially, buy select Sharpie markers,...
  12. OneSuite now has dropped long distance rates to 2.5c/min (or 2.9c/min)in many cities!

    Awesome long distance rates (as low as 2.9 or 2.5 cents per min) without fees or annoying fine print at

    PLUS a "get 20 min free for signing up" promo:
    Just enter the code (copy...
  13. Let me refer you to Scottrade (online DISCOUNT brokerage)...

    See updated post about referal program below
  14. hi, joe!

    I know i haven't been around in a while; been busy with work, etc :(


    Hope alls well with you.
  15. If you shop online Join Spree to earn cashback!

    If you shop online Join Spree to earn cashback!

    Going shopping online? Become a Spree member and you'll earn nice REAL cashback (paid out whenever your earnings cross $25). Cashback and reward...
  16. Brand new HP 315 digital camera for sale: in sealed box and UPC intact

    2.1 megapixel.

    Asking $165 shipped.

  17. visioneer 8100 parallel/USB port scanner brand new SALE

    Asking for $65 shipped! Will accept paypal.

    Brand new. Unused, since this was an extra purchase. UPC removed for a rebate.

  18. $25 for every 3 valid referals! And big savings on utilities. OnlineChoice is back!

    Since they have a generous referal program, and I could use their Reward, I'll be grateful if you ask me to send you the referal link. For that, please use the pm (private messaging feature on this...
  19. Buy/sell collectibles etc at MetaExchange

    If you've been visiting auction sites and the like to get some holiday shopping done, try MetaExchange, esp if looking for collectibles, game systems, etc..
    Its a lot easier than chewing your nails...
  20. MP3and Sephora GC (please read terms on site)
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    Staples Windows XP...

    Some cool deals, esp. if you plan to get the OS or even sell it (NOTE: this OS can have only one user).
    see and follow the links/ads on left side of page.
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    787 coupon (spend $100)

    Make any purchase of $100 or more and
    Receive a $20 Coupon
    good towards your next purchase of
    $100 or more at
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    hey is this..

    .. just a mousepad with a chess theme, OR a real chess set??

    Plz post if you've gotten it.
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    Joe, if DDB has a relationship with amazon...

    ... you may want to link to the Amazon free after rebate Mcafee offer.

    Best wishes.
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    Shop at

    Shop for Electronics; you might get a pleasant surprise occasionally, especially after comparing prices.
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