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  1. Sticky: thanks for the reply

    I will take a look at the documentation in the tytool10r4 release to get the install info I'm assmuing the it's in one of the release notes. Thanks.
  2. Sticky: series 2 support?

    I would like to know if series 2 tivos are supported yet? I have been away for the forum for some time and I now have a series 2 tivo and I would like to know tytool will work for extraction and mpeg...
  3. Thanks for the clarification

    Thanks for all the info. if 480x 480 is what best is then every thing is fine. Again thaks for the clarification on what best quality setting produces.
  4. best quality recording

    Hi I have a few programs recorded at best quality and I would like to know how or if tytool can make a 720X480 mpg? I can only get it to produce a 480x480. I'm sorry if I'm missing something. I wass...
  5. Is there a Mac ver.

    Hi I've been using the tytools set on my pc and love it! My girl friend wants to be able to use tytools too, but she is on a Mac running OSX is there a version new or old that she could use? or is...
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    Mpeg question

    I would like to use dvdit to make dvd's from extracted files. I can import the files fine but the final mpeg shows that it is 55min. long but the video has been edited to 41min useing the Gop editor...
  7. Thanks

    Thanks for the info.
  8. newbie question

    I've read alot about tytool and tystudio and I wated to know if I could run both on a tivo S1? A freind of mine has traded with my S2 for his S1 so that I can extract some shows. He has tystudio set...
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    another stupid newbie question

    Is ther a way to Batch transfer files from my tivo S1 to my pc?
    I have tystudio setup (by a friend) and it works
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