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  1. THD with greater than 2TiB of recording space?

    I've been researching the drive building tools and flow for a THD, and still have not been able to clearly answer the above question.

    I've found a lot of info on using WinMFS/MFSLive to get my...
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    Sorry to imply there was a problem with the HD in...

    Sorry to imply there was a problem with the HD in an earlier post. The only issue is my ignorance. : )

    I know that I have to replace PROM to break root of trust first (have that in hand and is my...
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    Success! I ordered some ChipQuik, but ended up...


    I ordered some ChipQuik, but ended up having to do some unexpected business travel right as it arrived. Once I got back, I picked out a couple of DIP packages on the dead board that have...
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    i finally got a few minutes away from the family...

    i finally got a few minutes away from the family and looked over the board. Indeed, there is an Atmel AT90SC6464C part near the power ribbon connector and IDE connector. A bit of research through...
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    similar, but different problem

    I have a HDVR2 that has been in place for a couple of years. I come home a few weeks ago and to box is totally dead (no LEDs, fan not spinning, etc.). So, I assume power supply and order a...
  6. S3 TiVo HD recorded (extractable) video format?

    I am not sure if this should be here or in the insertion and extraction forum, so my apology if I'm in the wrong place.....

    I hacked a S2DTiVo (HDVR2) years ago and have loved it. But, I'd now...
  7. same error as Mmoore99, but on LAN

    I have just found this utility and believe it would work great for me. I get the same problem Mmoore99 had (unable to locate recordings). However, I am on a LAN.

    I suspect I am just hitting...
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    Sticky: another suggestion for Sbmocp regarding disconnects

    amazingly, I just now (2+ years after hacking S2 D-TiVO and using tySuiteJ for extraction) discovered mfs_ftp.

    I had a really rough time getting even the FTP clients recommended in the FAQ to work...
  9. Sticky: modified kernel


    Can you point to FAQ or instructions for installing a modified kernel on this box? The only processes I can find wipe the disk and lose all recordings.

  10. Sticky: still confused

    I'm new to the forum (and Tivo Hacking), so forgive the stupid question.

    I've read through this entire thread (and the one on enabling network interfaces) and still cannot find an answer to my...
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