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    I'm around here... lurking ;). My main motivation...

    I'm around here... lurking ;). My main motivation is indeed the transfer time. Another motivation is being able to transfer HD in realtime on a THD unit(TTG is too slow with the THD). Due to this...
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    Packet dump needed of MRV transfer

    Can someone with MRV(two Series3/HD, not series2 for the moment) please post or email me a packet dump of the first few seconds(including initialization) of an MRV transfer? I aim to develop an MRV...
  3. Thread: MRV emulator

    by mikesown

    MRV emulator

    Has anyone considered developing an MRV emulator for the Tivo software? That is, have a program on your computer which sends out requests for shows as if it is a Tivo(as opposed to TTG which...
  4. Anyone with a hacked THD?

    I'm very interested in the TTG transfer speed, specifically how it compares to transferring .ty files natively from the Tivo. Does anyone have a Tivo HD(with TTG enabled) to do a comparison of the...
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    Idea about what the S3 can be used for

    For me, the most exciting part about the S3 is the digital hd cablecard tuners. This opens up an array of possibilities for hacking. For one, you could use the Tivo as a conduit to getting...
  6. Actually, if this was the problem, DTV could just...

    Actually, if this was the problem, DTV could just add it in the software that an invisible watermark would be overlayed as the stream was comming in. This way, if you did something like post the file...
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    A theory on tivo hacking!

    I currently have not hacked my tivo, but I have been reading a lot of posts on the forums. It then occured to me: why not use the phone jack on the back of the receiver to upgrade it instead of...
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