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  1. Thread: 6.3f is here

    by wrasp

    HR10-250 6.3f slices

    fsid type name
    3095912 tyDb 6.3c-01-2-357
    4349308 tyDb 6.3f-01-2-357
    3095912 tyDb ACTIVE
  2. Sticky: Error with large HD files

    My filesystem is NTFS. The problem seems to be that Tytool is naming the file:

    Name = '1721526/1721533'

    Which appear to be the last FSIDs that make up the file.

    Also, there is plenty of...
  3. Sticky: Error with large HD files

    When I select a large HD file (~17GB) to download I get the following:

    Name = '1721526/1721533'
    fsIDs =...
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