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Thread: Adding Auto Repeat?

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    Adding Auto Repeat?

    I would like to use Tivo in a Kiosk, How can I get it to play a show over and over (forever!)

    Can It play without myworld? I think putting the play routine in the rcinit file is what I would like to do. No user controls after it's set up, just plug it in and it starts playing and auto-repeating.

    Any help would be great!

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    There ar a several command line tools, most based on tridge's vplay that allow a video to be played from the command line. You could put one of thopse in a loop.

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    From what I have read it can be done on the replay units. there is a backdoor that will set a video to loop. have not seen it for myself though. The 4K units might be a good thng because they have VGA out that will let you use any vga monitor. they also have a LAN interface that would let you transfer any digital content directly to the unit. good luck.

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