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Thread: Stuck in Demo Mode hell!

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    Angry Stuck in Demo Mode hell!

    Ok, I'll admit it, I just started using a new hacked HU card and my carma caught up with me. Now my Hughes DirecTivo has gone into demo mode. It comes out of demo mode when I reboot but what a pain!

    I have uploaded the fixdemo.tcl file from, made the file name lower case, and in general followed the instructions on including it in the rc.sysinit file. Still no luck.

    Is there anything else I should be doing or have I just made a mistake somewhere in here?


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    Worse comes to worst just make a test call. That will reset Demo as well.


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    I'm gonna take a wild guess and ask if you chmod'ed the file to be executable. If not type this command at the bash prompt in the directory that fixdemo.tcl is located.

    chmod 777 fixdemo.tcl

    You may want to read the logs to see what your tivo is doing at startup.
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