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Thread: Stuck and totally confused

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    33 Stuck and totally confused

    I've loaded 25xtreme on a maxtor 40gig which is set to master. When the xtreme started tivomad I answered as follows:

    device name drive A is : hdc
    will tivo have two drives : n
    is target tivo > 140 : n
    do you want to continue : y

    it seems to run fine until
    copying mfsadd, waits a few then
    /maddtb4/ :line 246 : 202 broken pipe cat/maddtb4/mfsadd.gz
    203 gzip -dc
    204 terminated : dd g=/mnt/tivo/tubin/mfsadd obs=32k

    error: copy of mfsadd failed
    error: exit code was 143
    error: cannot continue

    When placed back into tivo it sits on Welcome, powering up


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    Hi arkogsd,

    Any luck with this? I am having exactly the same problem, and have burned myself out trying to get it up and running. Any help you could pass along or light you could shed would be greatly appreciated.


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