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Thread: free jazz cd-there doing it again

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    free jazz cd-there doing it again

    Get a FREE CD and Issue of JAZZIZ Magazine. The CD is a limited edition collector's disc that comes each month inside subscriber copies of JAZZIZ Magazine. The disc represents a compilation of new, classic and exclusive music (music not available anywhere else) from a wide range of labels, styles and artists--each carefully selected and sequenced to reflect today's glimpse and the world of jazz and the music of tomorrow.

    this one does come

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    WOW! Thank you!

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    Originally posted by maddiesmommy
    WOW! Thank you!


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    Cool I got this one already

    When they send it to you make sure you look through all the coupons and flyers that comes in that package.

    You'll find an offer for FREE HEADPHONES that you have to mail back for immediately.

    They will come in about 3-4 weeks.

    I got my dual setting headphones by Digital already. :lol
    The Freebie Authority Strikes Again

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    and thanks for the update gg
    i will look for the headphones

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