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Thread: Turbo-net & Tivo-net Driver issue

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    Turbo-net & Tivo-net Driver issue

    Here's a quicky question for the Tivo-Gods out there that I think more users then me may have,

    My SA Tivo already has tivo-net software on it, do I need to do something to disable/remove it before running Jafa's script?

    Thankx Everyone!!


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    I don't have a TivoNet card, but it looks like you'd probably have to remove the following line from rc.sysinit.

    (insmod -f /lib/modules/8390.o && insmod -f /lib/modules/tivone.o)
    If you are going to use the script, then I'd remove all four lines,

    /bin/bash </dev/ttyS3 >& /dev/ttyS3 &
    tnlited 23 /bin/bash -login &
    (insmod -f /lib/modules/8390.o && insmod -f /lib/modules/tivone.o)
    (ifconfig eth0 $IP netmask $MASK up && route.tivo add default gw $DEFROUTE
    since they will be appended to rc.sysinit anyway, and they may cause confusion if they show up twice.

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