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Thread: Success. . .But just so I understand Linux. . .

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    20 Success. . .But just so I understand Linux. . .


    I read through many of the FAQ's and I am in the process of loading Xtreme2.5 on my TiVo drive. I successfully completed the backup procedure using Mfstool. However, that was my first experience with Linux. I am extremely experienced with Windows/dos and I am using this project as a stepping stone to get into Linux. So here goes my question. . .

    When I booted up using Kazymyr's boot CD, I assume that the CD-ROM is the default directory that I am looking at when I get to the command line. The directions then told me that before I could backup, I had to make a directory and mount the C:\ drive (my windows partition) to that directory. So I did it. But the directions told me to issue the following command first:

    mkdir /mnt/dos

    I understand that this makes a directory for me to map my c:\ mounting to. But since I booted off of the CD-ROM (Read-Only) and I have not yet mounted any hard disks at this point, where is that directory created? Is it created in memory?

    Any help you can give would be appreciated as I am striving to better understand all of this.
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    Is it created in memory?
    yup. the boot cd makes a ramdisk. you then make the mount dir in that ramdisk

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