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Thread: TurboNet + Xtreme25 + Bash Questions

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    TurboNet + Xtreme25 + Bash Questions

    I have a couple of related questions I was hoping someone could help me out with. I'm sure the answers are here somewhere on the forum (Hell, I'm sure everything in existence is on this forum.. somewhere..) but my searching skills apparently quite up to par.

    I have a dsr6000 running xtreme25. I want to get and install a turbonet card, but before I do, I want to make sure I have any idea of how to use it, heh.

    When I install the turbonet card, do I need to remove the drive and use the install disk, or are the scripts simple enough that it would make more sense to get a replacement serial cable and do it manually over that, especially since the prom doesn't need to be flashed in my case (at least I think it doesn't)

    Additionally, what state does running the scripts to install the drivers leave the tivo in? Will I be able to telnet to it over ethernet immediately?

    Also, would the deletion of /var/hack due to logfile critical mass prevent me from getting in via the serial port? I'm not really familiar with the process to enable that to begin with.


    - K

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    all of the install scripts should are easy enough over serial.

    The one posted in the howto looks absurdly easy to me.. (send one file, execute one command?) but I think you may then need to edit some stuff for it to be perfect for you..

    you physically have to remove the drive tray to get the card in place

    The install scripts that I have seen only set it up for the next reboot.. though you should be able to load the module and configure the interface manually.. in the case of the package in the howto, just execute the /etc/rc.d/rc.turbo script

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