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Thread: 544x480, etc: changing recording resolution

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    From my first post (in this thread)

    "Yes, I hit enter after every change and yes I reloaded the pages to be sure everything took and yes I rebooted after every number changing session."

    And, no I am not using "o" (oh) for "0" (Zero), to clairfy further I change numbers in all 6 places (3 in bitrates and 3 in alt-bitrates).

    I also was not aware that MFS has a active and inactive area, I thought it was all one database. Other then tivoweb and the res utility both readout proper stored numbers (even before I made any changes) I can only assume I'm in the right spot.

    If there are any alternate MFS areas I/We should be looking at please someone point them out, that may be the whole problem.

    Thankx again,

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    I too had the same problem and read this thread over and over again before posting any stupid question. As luck would have it, I found my error: After making your changes, make sure to hit the "Update Resources" button under constants, bitrates, and altbitrates. Then Reboot.

    In my case, I was showing 0 but really acting like 4 (544x480) until I hit "Update Resources" and rebooted. Now I am back to 720x480 (0) no problem. Since I only hack once a year, I tend to forget the most obvious things like this and have to relearn.

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    Wow! If that that link was a snake it would have bitten me (and several others too). I took that item to be a title and not a link, since it was on the previous page from the settings screens it just never occurred to me it was the "save" button!!! It even says to reboot when you click on it. So everyone that had trouble getting their settings to stick- this is the magic cure!

    Thank you very much pasusos for posting this, I had given up after my last all-nighter and like you only hack about once a year. With that one click everything works perfect, exactly how I wanted it to.

    Again Thankx all!


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