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Thread: 544x480, etc: changing recording resolution

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    I set my Tivo just as the link you provided suggested, except I changed my "Best" settings instead of "medium" because I alway record at Best. I rebooted the Tivo and confirmed the settings where correct. (They were.)

    I recorded a program, extracted it and split/muxed it and it is in 544X480, not 720X480 as expected.

    Any more ideas?

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    Did you lower your quality settings to 70? 65?
    and Resolution is 0, right? And if you reboot your tivo and go look at those settings again, they are changed? *shrug* If you've tried all this and still nothing, well, sorry.
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    Yes, I used the link you provided as a templet and made my settings the same.

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    Maybe Im going for overkill here....

    It wouldnt be the first time and certainly not the last...

    What does everyone else have their Resource Bitrates set at? I have changed my Best settings to:

    DefaultRecordQuality: 100
    DefaultLiveRecordQuality: 100
    RecordQualityBest: 75

    CATVBestVBRBitrate: 4550000
    CATVBestMAXBitrate: 5000000
    CATVBestResolution: 0

    With these settings my average file size for an one hour file is 2.1 GB. The quality is great, but I would like a slighty smaller file.... Suggestions? Comments? Clues?


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    You say your "quality is great" but you'd like a "slightly smaller file" so the obvious answer is to try a lower bitrate and see if you still like it OK.

    I have my Resolution setting at 1/2 D1 (352x480) vs your full D1 (720X480) and like it just fine, especially cuz I notice less artifacting than at 720x480 (this seems to be most noticeable at dissolves in the program material). In other words, at the lower resolution, there are more bits (out of your "bitrate budget") to allocate to the images.

    My settings:
    MinRecordQuality 25
    MaxRecordQuality 100
    DefaultRecordQuality 100
    DefaultLiveRecordQuality 100
    RecordQualityBest 100
    RecordQualityHigh 75
    RecordQualityMedium 40
    RecordQualityBasic 0
    BestMaxBitrate 6960000 (yields 3024Mb/hour)
    BestResolution 2 (480x480)
    HighMaxBitrate 4960000 (yields 2160Mb/hour)
    HighResolution 1 (352x480)
    MediumMaxBitrate 2760000 (yields 608Mb/half-hour)
    MediumResolution 1
    BasicMaxBitrate 1510000 (yields 664Mb/hour)
    BasicResolution 3 (352x240)

    As I have said in another thread, I normally record at High quality, which would let me put 2hrs on a DVD. I have the bitrate and pixels set highest for Best so my Live viewing experience is the best it can be (especially for sports programs which I like to "tape delay"), and if I decide to archive something at Best I can still do it though it may need an extra DVD.

    My Medium setting lets me put a 1/2 hour program onto a CD if I want. I don't use the Basic setting but the theory is to be able to get a full hour onto a CD.

    I'm real happy with these settings but of course everybody has different likes/dislikes/goals/objectives/etc.
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    Are you also in the Broadcast/Post Production business? I thought I was the only one around here who described 352X480 as 1/2 D1. HaHa. We have used that res for the last 6 years, and have been very happy with it, all things considered.

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    Originally posted by SR712
    Laserfan-Are you also in the Broadcast/Post Production business?
    Thanks for the compliment! Actually, I was in the A/V systems integration business for a couple years, which played-wonderfully into my hobby/addiction. I tried real hard to learn all that stuff to keep-up with the whiz-kids I worked with.

    But I have been happy with 1/2 D1 with my SA Tivo. Feel a little guilty about it until it comes time to burn to DVD, which at this res works slick as a whistle.

    And having tried 720x480 for a long while, I really had grown to notice and lament the pixellization and blockiness at that res. My belief in the end is that 544x480 (original Tivo Best res) and bitrate were picked for a reason i.e. the Tivo whiz kids determined this was the best the hardware was capable of...
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    Resolution fun.

    I have been messing with resolutions myself for a little while now. My overall goal is being able to burn 120-130 min of quality video to a DVD (3 hour long shows no commercials or one longer movie no commercials etc.).

    I think I understand and appreciate bitrates, resolutions and quality issues.
    I think laserfan's use of 352x480 makes sense.

    One question though...
    Where do you think the difference between 352 and 720 would become apparent in a display ?

    After some sampling and examination, I can clearly say on a 27" (non flatscreen) TV. There really appears to be no difference for any resolution at higher bitrates. Ane even on a 19" computer monitor at (800x600) I can barely tell any differences.

    But what if.... I had say a 40-50 tv, maybe plasma
    or a qualtiy video projector ?
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    Re: Resolution fun.

    One of the main reasons I want to lower the file size is the tivo to tivo transfer time. Not just for my TiVos, but for P2P sharing with a slow internet upload speed.

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    DVD settings for UK TiVo

    Did anyone get setting for UK TiVos that works?

    Searching for UK stuff is a bear as the search string is too short, so I apologise in advance if someone says "go search".. this Thread is the nearest I've got and no answers

    I want to convert my settings to give a smoother ride with TyStudio and Ulead Movie Factory. At the moment, MF transcodes, making the TyStudio process no quicker than TyTools and a good batch script
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    did you solve your problem of getting the bitrates working?
    I mean the 720x480 etc.?
    I'm in the same situation, now...

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    mode 0 extract question

    A newbie here - got my series 1 tivo at Christmas. Now it's got a network card/tivoweb etc.

    Last night I decided to try setting rooftop resolution to '0' and up the bitrate. Did a quick test record of something on the TV and extracted my first 720x576 ty steam !

    Now here comes the question. The ty steam ( and converted mpeg ) has a 33 pixel wide green band down the right hand side. You can see a still here-> . Is this normal ? So the actual picture size is about 687 pixels wide.
    I've been reading various threads and I've seen it mentioned. I used to get a 2 pixel wide band when the resolution was set to 480x576 so I was expecting something similar but 33 pixels !

    Any ideas. Thanks in advance


    EDIT : if any of you ever end up at this post this is what you want
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    Vhs Svhs


    Want that someone help me with a problem! I've 30 minutes of video in VHS and want to record them in a CD. Which is better better format to have the smaller loss of data? SVCD? VCD? DVD?

    Generally, which is the best solution to record SVHS to CD? Or VHS to CD?


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    Quote Originally Posted by laserfan
    I notice less artifacting than at 720x480 (this seems to be most noticeable at dissolves in the program material).
    I'm looking to get the best possible live video. I assume upping the bitrate would be the best (only?) way to do this? I'm using digital cable, connected to the tivo through s-video connections... So what would be the highest resolution I could go (without using too much, ie wasting space)?

    That's my priority, but I'd also like to extract video in a proper 4:3 aspect ratio. Am I correct in assuming the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 are the only things that will affect the resolution (image size, aspect ratio for the *****s... like me)?

    You say there's artifacting when upped to the higher resolution... would upping the bitrate help here? Or did you mean the video was stretched (wrong dimensions, IOW)?

    Right now, on live video, I can notice some pixelization in the dark areas and shadows. Like I said, my priority is to get the best possible live video. When I extract it, I can use a program like DVD-Shrink to change the bitrate down (to fit it on a DVD)... but I don't think that program can change the video dimensions... so extracting in 4:3 is a secondary priority.

    So basically... Which number (0,1,2,3,4) would get me true 4:3 image size... and what's a really good bitrate to use with a digital cable signal for my live video setting?

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmhddbf
    Which number (0,1,2,3,4) would get me true 4:3 image size...
    It doesn't work like that. The aspect ratio and the resolution are independent. ALL of them are 4:3. (Or they could just as well be 16:9, if the Tivo flagged them that way; but I don't think it ever does.)

    If you wanted square pixels, that would be 640x480. But a DVD uses 720x480. (That's NTSC; PAL is 720x576 for DVD.)

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