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    Question Multiswitch Advice

    I have a 3x4 switch right now and I'm having major issues with it not being able to recieve the signal on both my tivo's at the same time. So, I decided to get a new one so I can add another reciever at the same time. My problem comes in here. I found two that I'm interested in, just need a little advice as to which one will be the better/smarter buy.

    Spaun 2x6 for $45.75

    Generic 3x8 for $45.50

    I've heard good things about the Spaun but the Generic comes with a power amp. I have pretty long cables run which is my problem with my current switch. So, if someone could help me decide I would appreciate it. TIA.


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    I've had excellent results with the Spaun, but the M/S might not be your problem.

    Use a satellite signal meter to fine tune your signal. A 46 or 60 cm. dish may yield modest improvement. You should have a ground block installed, but inferior products have caused problems for some. Be sure you're using RG-6, RG-6/U (quad shield), or RG-11 (in order of ascending $) cable to carry the 950-1450 MHz signal from the LNB feedhorn to your TiVos; NOT RG-59! In-line amplifiers are unnecessary unless your cable run exceeds 100ft.

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