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Thread: .ty to DVD's & forcing Tivo to record 720x480

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    .ty to DVD's & forcing Tivo to record 720x480

    Couple questions for the group...

    I like many others im sure am trying to burn a .ty onto DVD without having to reencode the orginal stream. I've tried many of the techniques posted on here an am hitting a few snags.

    1) Soft Encode - is this supposed to take .m2a and convert to .ac3? it doenst seem to like the .m2a, just gives noise when i drop it in there. Most posts say use Soft Encode to turn the .m2a into AC3. My question, what does the .m2a contain? Dolby 4 channel? 5.1? Stereo? What do I do to make the best possible audio on my DVD?

    2) Maestro - will this progie burn a dvd-rw? my Philips only supports that format. I want to try to at least see if my DVD player (xbox) actually will play the video back correctly. Basically Maestro doesnt like my audio (.m2a) or dvd+rw burner (Philips)

    Speaking of which, there is a post:

    which talks about forcing your tivo to record 720x480... i tried but it didnt seem to work. Does anyone know anything about this? Wouldnt recording at this higher resolution fix all the format issues?

    Lastly, anyone have any idea what i might be doing wrong to make my audio so out of sync when using tivoapp-->vsplit-->tmpeg im off by a mile on a feature film.

    thanks for any help / info

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    Psycho -

    If you want a copy of my procedures, shoot me an email or IM me. Im testing everything out, but everything seems to work for me. The lil app I just posted will do everything for ty --> DVD.


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    29 great shape - nice util - but audio - way out of sync

    So I've used the cool little utility

    I'm splitting the buffy season finale.

    So, I get the two chucks m2v and m2a and it says that the audio is 2ms out of sync

    Well holy cats, It's more like 2 seconds out of sync.

    UPDATE: I'm seeing different results playing the movie multiple times. It will be way out of sync, then dang close. So, What's a good app to preview them in? I'm using PowerDVD4.0 right now. Any other recommendations?

    I'm damn excited about Mike P's New Gui and tools for the outstanding tool vsplit.

    My dvr-104 is on it's way

    Now my biggest problem.... disk space

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