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Thread: Hughes DirecTivo dies mysteriously...

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    Hughes DirecTivo dies mysteriously...

    My Hughes GXCEB0T died Saturday morning.

    As I read through posts here, I find that
    "syst1" had the EXACT same failure on the
    day boot, no TiVO logo,
    hard drive won't spin up if it's plugged into the TiVO box (works fine with a computer).

    1) What's the chance that I was sent a buggy
    update that zapped the mainboard?

    2) Where can I find the logs that will show
    the last activity (post-mortem)?

    I talked with the repair person at Lakeview Comm, and I'm looking at $250 to replace the mainboard.


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    Same problem but fixed easily, see my post in this thread:

    Looks like several people had a problem all on Saturday morning.

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    WOW! This worked great! I was getting a "CANNOT BOOT KERNEL" and the hard drive was making a clicking sound. I unplugged, and plugged the white plug back in, and I'm watching a movie now!

    Thanks. Any ideas what happened, and why this fix worked?

    Line Noise

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