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Thread: How to send files via serial port

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    Question How to send files via serial port

    I hacked the tivo, but I'm alittle confused how to send files via the serial port, from my PC. Can someone please explain how this can be done. Thanx.

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    serial files

    1. You want Teraterm, not Hyperterminal.
    2. Sending files via a serial port is usually done using a protocol such as ZModem.
    3. If you are in Teraterm, you can just cd to the proper directory and click Transfer-->ZModem, then send the file.
    4. Some people suggest using the command rz which tells the TiVo to receive (via) zmodem, but I don't usually bother with that for sending files to the Tivo.

    you probably don't need to know how to send files from the Tivo to your computer, but the command is sz for send zmodem.

    Also, you may want to learn about chattr and chmod because thats what you'll need next.


    p.s.- welcome to our forum!

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