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Thread: Stuttering, Showcases/TiVoLution, Defrag...

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    Stuttering, Showcases/TiVoLution, Defrag...

    I have been searching and reading, and trying various things to solve a couple issues I am having. Nothing's working, so here's the post:

    Recently my DTiVo has started stuttering. Has factory drive and an 80 gig Maxtor. I have been running logsnull since it was first put into operation. I have had about the same amount of programming vs free space on the unit for months, and it's working great up til now. But recently it's starting to stutter and pixilize during both playback and live TV. During this stuttering, it won't respond to remote keypresses. In attempts to solve this issue, I have deleted tons of programming (only about 6 hours of recorded programming remains), cleared all suggestions/thumbs data, powered down the machine for several hours, and rebooted many many times. Any suggestions/ideas about what may have brought this on after it's been working well for so long?

    The other issue is with showcases/tivolution. SC.TCL was also working great, and updating properly, for quite some time. However, it too has failed to update since March. I have re-executed PGM's Script (Thanks, PGM!) several times, run it manually while the unit was booting (per a suggestion someone had made in another user's thread), and I have no programming set to record during a 6-hours span from 1am - 7am EST. However, the unit is not taking the updates, and not giving access to the showcases or tivolution.

    Lastly, please forgive my lack of knowledge about *nix (I know a little, not a lot), but is there a defrag utility that can/should be used with the DTiVo's OS? Any detail on why this is/isn't a good idea would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Forgive me if I don't reply until Tuesday. When I return from vacation, I look forward to finding all the answers I seek, and more (hehe).

    Thanks again!

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    I have similar problems with my DSR 6000 running v3.1 with no hacks except an extra hard drive and no replies seem present for JustCuz's issue...

    I tried replacing 2nd drive (a 40gb) with an 80gb and the problem went away for about two days. I think it's fragmentation.... isn't there some easy way to solve this without having an extra empty drive to move all the files to?

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